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Our preparation services can simply help you with different issues which include, social security income, rental income, sale, stock sales, transfer of assets, interest income, unemployment compensation, lottery income, dividends, and many other mixed tax solutions.

HHAccountant delivers its outsourced services to different firms and organizations to meet their tax needs and help individuals, trusts, companies, govt, non-profit organizations in preparing their taxes and claim for deductions in their taxes. Tax is an important element that calls maximum consideration in all your business dealings. Whenever a transaction is made, there may be a corresponding tax effect. It is very important for the success of your business that you hire tax advisor or outsource your tax services to tax accounting firm who can ensure you that are your business dealings are complying with Australian tax laws.

One thing that every business must take into account that tax laws constantly changes, businesses have to keep themselves updated with the new change which is quite difficult for them as they have many other important things to consider. If these changes in tax laws are taken seriously, it could have a serious effect on your tax compliance obligation and you may have to pay hefty fines.

We are expert in dealing with a wide variety of accounting and tax issues including:

  • Preparation and submission of tax return
  • Practical advice on reducing tax liabilities and improving tax deductions
  • Help businesses in preparing financial statements and tax returns
  • Managing superannuation funds with compliance to laws
  • Providing help in relocating from UK or any other country to Australia
  • Advice non-resident in selling or purchasing property in Australia and give them information regarding tax implications.
  • Help in preparing and reviewing of wills
  • Plan and prepare estate and inheritance tax
  • Preparation of payroll
  • Planning and preparation of GST and other business activity statements
  • FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) preparation

Our areas of tax expertise

We are committed to provide updated services in all the areas of tax. Our dedicated staff helps businesses and individuals in the following areas

  • Income tax preparation and planning

Income tax compliance need to be prepared and planned by every individual and businesses. A person who is not familiar with the tax laws can not prepare and plan income tax efficiently. Income tax preparation require wealth of knowledge and time. Our competitive income tax preparation team helps businesses and individuals in preparing and calculating income tax. We also assist businesses and individuals in earning their income tax credit. For tax return services we prepare and analyze your balance sheet and other financial data for processing tax return.

  • Capital Gains Tax

Many of your assets can be a subject of CGT (Capital Gains Tax). It is very important tax as it contains many reliefs for tax payers. The person with knowledge of CGT can claim for these reliefs. As a business owner you may not have knowledge about the CGT but we do have, let us handle your Capital Gains Tax matter and make your business a profitable one. If you want to sell a property or want to dispose of your shares you better need to seek an expert advice. Our tax advisors will plan with you to ensure maximum relief in Capital Gains Tax. We will monitor your funds, capital gains tax accruals to claim for tax relief. The areas where you can claim for relief are; private residence relief, roll over, entrepreneur’s relief, etc.

  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) preparation

When you plan to give FBT to your employee, you must be aware of the ins and outs of the FBT system and tax obligations that are part of this system. Our staff assist businesses in lodging FBT on time. We help businesses in

  • Calculating Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) liability
  • Registering your business for FBT
  • Keeping your financial records up-to-date and maintaining Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) records
  • Maintain a report to show the benefits of payment summaries
  • Practical advice on the areas where businesses can claim for relief
  • Planning and preparing Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) returns for businesses
  • International Tax Preparation

HHAccountants have experts to advice in international taxation matters. We provide healthy advice to Australians working overseas. As an experienced accounting firm, we are always aware about the change in tax laws and their implications on Australian citizens working abroad. We carefully listen to their tax problems and help them so that they do not have to pay extra charges.

  • Goods and Service Tax (GST)

If you have any type of goods, you have to pay tax on it. Like all other taxes, this tax is also confusing and complicated for businesses. To save your self from stress, you need to outsource you GST services. As an ideal outsource firm, we ensure businesses that all their tax matters will comply with the tax laws. Our professional advice will keep businesses out of any trouble. We will go through all financial data to find out the ways to claim for deductions.

  • Superannuation services

To take advantage from your superannuation fund you need to hire a tax advisor. We have a team of consultants who can show you the ways to take most out of your superannuation fund.

Tax has a great effect on every part of your business. Effective planning is very important to ensure that your business is following the tax laws. Our expert team review business transactions and provide actionable advice to achieve your business goals.

Our tax preparation team prefer completing the relevant education and ongoing training just to make sure that the company is updated with all new ATO policies and laws. At HH Accountant, we make sure that our clients have got correct deductions and credits from their income tax return.

If you need to discuss more tax preparation or related matters, just give us a call and let our professionals deal with your issues.

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