Tax Advice Service

Our tax advisors are highly efficient to provide the best financial advice along with better tax suggestions in all the areas of tax services to help your business thrive at faster rate. Our experience and knowledge make us ideal choice for businesses. We add value by providing the best solution for your business taxation needs. Our effective business plans help to save your time and money.

Tax laws changes every season with the change in the tax laws your tax requirement also changes. Our professional advice can be very helpful for businesses to take the right decision at the right time. Our tax advisory team has wide range of experience in dealing with different industries and businesses. Our tax advisory includes

  • Provide thoughtful actionable advice on all tax areas such as GST, payroll tax, FBT, and many more
  • Professional guidance on establishing competitive business structure within country and overseas as well
  • Reviewing your business plan and modify them to have better tax outcomes
  • Providing advice on partnership business and business acquisitions
  • Providing professional advice in Audits with ATO


Managing risks, tailored advice and identifying opportunities

Businesses have to deal with great variety of tax issues such as change in laws and regulations, employee tax, payroll tax, etc. There are also tax implications while buying or selling a property and restructuring your business. We work with businesses to identify and manage risks, provide actionable advice on tax issues and identifying the opportunities for the maximum growth of the business. We also assist foreign investors in setting up their business in Australia or Australian business looking forward to set up its business on other country. We deliver reliable and actionable advice on international tax matters.

Tax Planning and Management Services

Mostly business considers it important to have the complete knowledge of tax implications before making any decision. We aim to provide comprehensive and professional advice on tax planning and management. Our advisors also help companies in managing their tax compliance and also assist in planning future development plans. With the growing complexities in tax laws business transactions are also becoming more complex every year. It is impossible for business owners to have expertise in all disciplines of business. Businesses need to hire staff to overcome the problems but here they also need to have good piece of advice on employee taxes and payroll tax. Mishandling of business tax matters can stunt the growth of your business. However, with effective planning and management, the hidden opportunities in tax codes can be discovered to keep the business on the right track.  We are committed to provide updated tax information to our clients to make them able to take necessary steps for business to thrive.


GST (Goods and Tax Services) consulting services

GST is a complicated and confusing system. Our advisors always try to keep themselves updated with the change in tax laws and trends in industries. They are committed to provide professional and practical advice while assisting on daily management of GST matters. Our top-notch quality of GST consulting services can help you to keep the track of every financial activity. GST consultant provide consultancy facility on different issues such as sales, purchase and other financial transactions to maximize profit and minimize tax liabilities. Our GST services include

  • Helping businesses to restructure their organization
  • Delivering advice on how to reduce their unrecoverable GST costs
  • Review business tax system
  • Suggestions and recommendation to resolve GST matters
  • Practical advice on registering for GST
  • Managing and filing GST returns
  • Assist property holders in dealing with GST issues for the property sale
  • Manage and organize meetings with ATO
  • ATO audit assistance
  • Comparison of previous and present data to identify GST opportunities


Capital Gains Tax Advisory Service

It is recommended to always go for expert advice before selling or purchasing an asset because every asset is subject to a capital gains tax. Capital tax is a tax on the profit you make while doing business. With our guidance, you can reduce capital gains tax liability. We will work with your team to calculate the amount of tax to be paid against your asset and find out all the ways to obtain tax reliefs.  Every business needs a team of advisors having diverse knowledge and expertise at applying the tax reliefs. We have a team of competent advisors to add value to your business and make most from your business sale. Our team will guide you on saving funds to pay your taxes at the end of the financial year.  Our services include

  • Giving advice on assets that are gifted to trusts and charities
  • Maximizing tax reliefs in association with EIS and SEIS
  • Providing advice on transferring of property in case of divorce


International Tax Advisory Service

Many Australians have expanded their business into different countries. We have a team of expert in international taxation matter. Our tax advisors are always available to provide guide lines regarding your tax status in foreign countries. Whether you are planning to expand your business or you want to reduce the risk of excessive tax liabilities, you need an expert advice to plan a successful tax strategy for your foreign business. We provide reliable tax advisory services to our overseas business clients as we have a team of international tax experts at our disposal. Our team is committed to provide result oriented tax strategies.

Here’s how we know they are really different:

  • They understand your personal financial journey
  • They will be always there to help you- 24/7
  • They are trustworthy, competent and reliable


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HHAccountant is committed to the success of its valuable clients. We are famous for our tax consultancy and accounting services in Australia. We offer personalized tax advisory services to different businesses and individuals.

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