Statutory Audits


Whether you own a startup or a well-developed business, HHAccountant offers an independent audit to meet your statutory obligations efficiently. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that audit is accurate and your financial information is transparent. It also ensures that your accounts are in complete compliance with the ATO laws and regulations. Our team is committed to providing a deeper understanding of business including goals and objectives, potential risks, operations, and financial activities so they can timely inform you about any risk or issue and also assist you in availing any opportunity that helps to grow your business.

Statutory accounts audit simply provides a great assurance that their accounts have been carefully prepared right according to the relevant accounting and regulatory standards.

We help companies to manage risks

We have designed our audit structure in a way to discover business risks, internal control risks and fraud or theft. Our objective is to stay connected with your staff to understand the nature and culture of your business. Our audit and assurance team by keeping in mind your business size and structure provide you the best and actionable advice which will surely match the regulatory and accounting standards. Open and consistent communication with our client help to understand the financial condition of the business, this understanding makes us able to derive strategies to run the business on right path to achieve business objectives. We have a team of Risk Management Specialist having expertise in managing risk factors and deliver healthy advice on potential risks.

How it works…

Our audit team schedule meetings with the clients to have a clear picture of the financial status of company. Other than analysis of financial statements we also focus on the other important elements and business issues. Our audit team gives special attention to the area’s concern to the management. Audits give clients assurance that their accounting matters are solved and their accounts are now reliable and their internal controls are functioning properly and effectively.

Almost all firms are subject to statutory audits. Due to complex audit procedure statutory audits take time. By working closely with our clients, we create an atmosphere that provides an ideal personalized service that suits the client’s needs. During audits, we constantly search for opportunities to improve the efficiency of the organization and make it profitable. Moreover, we also assure businesses that our statutory audit report is flawless and is completely complying with the regulations. We provide our auditing service to all over Australia, whatever the nature of your business is, we assure you that audits conducted by us will be of high quality.

How can we help?

We have work with many organizations and have helped them in their statutory audit. We are committed to provide high standard audit service to our clients. Companies can improve their credibility and reliability by accurate financial reporting. Accurate audit determine which areas needs improvement and deliver you the best solution to elevate the standard of the company.

  • Our skilled staff is quite capable in creating an atmosphere where auditors and accounting staff of the company work together to understand the constant change in business and industrial environment. This understanding creates a good impact on the business growth.
  • We provide continuous assistance to our clients through out the year. We are not like other accounting firms who connects with their clients at the end of the year.
  • Our professional approach makes us able to identify the potential threats
  • We provide actionable advice to companies to reduce their weaknesses and improve their strengths.
  • Other than financial issues we also help companies to improve their control over their business.
  • Our statutory audit reports are valid and accurate
  • We deliver our statutory audit services to small and large business as well.
  • We keep ourselves updated with the change in the industry trends to provide the ideal solution

Our Approach

Our experienced staff can deliver complete audit services to deliver effective results and save your time and money.

  • High-quality: delivering high-quality audit is very important to run the business successfully. We provide high-quality services after understanding the nature and structure of your business. Our latest technology helps us to understand the financial issues in depth and provide us the right solution to resolve the issue.
  • Client committed approach: industrial and business standards change with the passage of time. We always ensure that your company is following latest business trends.
  • Tailor to your need: we strive to provide services which tailor to your business needs. We make actionable plans and involve our clients in every plan
  • Wealth of experience: our auditors have years of experience in auditing, they have experience of working with different businesses and industries.
  • Over all performance: we not only analyze your financial statements but we also work to improve the overall performance of your organization for better future.
  • Reliability: our statutory audits enhance the reliability of your organization’s financial statement.
  • Cost-effective: we offer reliable and cost-effective solution to our clients.


Statutory Audits Services

We talk to the management about their thoughts, observations, and findings during your audit and tell businesses about their compliance and performance issues. We are specialized in different sectors and industries and give a deep understanding of multiple amazing challenges that may be faced by the businesses. Before commencing an audit, our professionals visit you and understand how the business operates and the risks they are facing to complete and effective audit.

We offer our statutory audits services to the following organizations

  • Listed companies
  • Banks
  • Superannuation funds
  • Large private organizations
  • Investments
  • Trust accounts
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Sports organizations

Join us for more appropriate results and timely communication. We strive to ensure you that your organization meets the high international standard and is completely following the laws set by Australian government. Our main objective is to provide practical and up-to-date advice so that your company meets all its obligations.  Call us today for tailored and cost-effective solution about your statutory audit. We are available to hep you in achieving your goals.

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