Cost-Effective and Holistic Personal Legal Service

Once in a lifetime, a person needs to have legal support to resolve the situation. When that time comes, make sure you are hiring the right person for your legal issues because only the right legal team can help you in legal affairs, a wrong person may worsen the situation. We at HHAccountant are committed to provide cost-effective and holistic service to our clients in all legal affairs. Our solicitors offer legal solutions to clients who need legal expertise in protecting their wealth, planning for the future of their family, personal injury claim and much more.

How we work…

We aim to deliver practical advice on many legal scenarios. Our lawyers will arrange a meeting with you and invest time to understand your personal legal issue. We will use all our expertise to bring the best possible legal solution for you. They will work closely with you and keep you informed on every step. We are committed to provide legal services to clients so that they can achieve their personal and financial goals.

As a full-service firm, we counsel individuals and families in private!

HHAccountant offers you a reduced cost personal legal solution to deal with everyday affairs conveniently and comfortably. We strive to find the best practical solution tailor to client’s need. Our lawyers with their expertise and skills are capable to solve the complicated family and personal legal issues.

Personal Legal Services

We offer a vast range of services in different categories that may include financial, family matters, advocacy, and legal planning.

  • Wills, probate and trusts

Making a will to protect the future of your family has been a part of future planning for many years. We have a team of trusted lawyers who can help you in creating your will and also help in changing the will. Clients want legal advice and practical help in their estate and trust matters, they seek legal advice to keep their assets within the family. We provide practical legal advice on estate planning, we help clients in making their wills about their estates and trusts and we even provide services to look after their trusts matters after their death. We invest time to provide comprehensive detail about the effect of their will on their family and in tax issues. Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with the estate and trust matters. Providing practical legal advice on reducing inheritable tax is another area of expertise. Our legal services for will and trust include

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Trust and estate administration solution
  • Power of attorney
  • Inheritance tax planning


  • Family law

Family law matters can be sometimes complicated, our family lawyers are expert in transforming complicated things into simple one. We assist families in all legal family matters from adoption to divorce or child custody matters, transfer of property, family business, separation agreements, etc. Our family solicitor gives practical legal advice after understanding the matter, they listen carefully and ask you different questions to understand the situation. They are also committed to deliver the professional guidance so you can make the right decision. Our legal team helps clients in resolving family issues arise from breakup or relationship breakdown. Our family law services include

  • Child abduction
  • Child custody in case of divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Divorce


  • Personal Injury

In case of personal injury, our legal team supports clients to claim for compensation. You can claim for compensation within three days of injury. Making claim can compensate your financial loss due to the accident. Our legal team has extensive experience in dealing with personal injury law affairs. They provide legal guidance in every step of claim process. We are committed to keep our clients informed about every little update about the personal injury case. With our legal services client’s can get back their life on the previous track. Our personal injury solicitor understand the sensitivity of case and handle case with professionalism. We support our clients in following personal injury claims

  • Car accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Medical claim, any incident happens because of wrong medical assistance or during surgery
  • Workplace accident
  • Industrial disease


  • Employment

We have a team of solicitors specialized in dealing employment issues legally. We represent employers and employees as well during court proceedings. Our lawyers have also extensive experience in dealing with complicated employment issues including long leaves, pregnancy, race discrimination and many more. In Australia, laws change constantly usually, employers or employees both have very little knowledge about employment laws. In this scenario both need to seek professional legal advice to claim for their legal rights. It does not matter you are an employee or employer; our objective is to provide you the best legal assistance. Our solicitors provide legal advice to help you in making the right decision before and after the job. We provide legal assistance to

  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Partners
  • Executives
  • Contractor

We support our clients in all the areas that come under employment law.

  • Dispute and litigations

Person litigations are sometimes more stressful then business litigations. Dispute is an area which can destroy the peace of mind of a person. Our lawyers and legal advisors strive to bring out the positive outcome from disputes. We have experienced solicitors who know how to handle family disputes or any other personal dispute. Our lawyers help clients in following disputes

  • Divorce matter
  • Contract breaches disputes
  • Disputes between land lord and tenants
  • Professional negligence
  • Consumer right claims


  • Residential property

Our solicitors with their years of experience assist clients in all their property matters. Our legal team will closely work with you to make the selling and buying procedure easy for you. Property matters are very complicated matters and sometime take years to resolve. We make you sure that our property lawyers will do all what it takes to solve the property issue as soon as possible. Our property service areas are

  • Buying and selling personal or residential property
  • Transactions
  • Transfer of property
  • Property ownership, etc.

Give us a call and discuss your personal legal issues for helpful advice and suggestions.

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