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Payroll processing is a complicated and time-consuming task. With the increase in growth of a business, demand of hiring more staff increases, more staff more payroll issues. Our payroll outsourcing firm help businesses in managing payroll efficiently. We have a team of experts who can cover all areas of business finances and ensure that all your business financial activities run smoothly. By outsourcing payroll services to us you can be sure that your business meets the compliance needs and you can have more time to focus on other business activities. Outsourcing your payroll gives you better control over your business.

At HHAccountant, we provide efficient payroll bookkeeping services which are specifically tailored according to your business needs. Our professionals help you provide systematic reviews, important compilations, financial audits, and data analysis to run everything smoothly and effectively.


A mandatory process

Payroll is a mandatory process for every business in order to obtain maximum results. with our years of experience in payroll bookkeeping, you can be sure that your payroll is in safe hands and our perfect management and processing system you can save your effort, time and money. HHAccountant is one of the leading accounting firm having expertise in dealing with different types of businesses. Give us the information about your business type and size to have the best solutions for your payroll management and processing. We offer complete customization of payroll services to businesses. Our staff offers complete security of your financial data and business funds.

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Many employers are still confused about outsourcing payroll services to accounting firms. Here few points are mentioned in favor of outsourcing payroll services

  • Cost-effective: one of the important reasons of outsourcing your payroll services is this, it is cost-effective. Outsourcing payroll services to accounting firms ensure that you are saving your money and time. By outsourcing you do not need to hire a full-time accountant or bookkeeper to manage payroll.
  • More focus on other business areas: payroll process takes a lot of time, outsourcing it will give you plenty of time to focus on other business projects, in this way outsourcing can help your business to grow.
  • Error free service: we being a specialized and experienced firm in payroll processing ensures you that your payroll will be prepared without any error. You will ensure that all the required deductions have been made and all your payroll processing is in compliance with the laws. It is also worth mentioning that accounting firms are committed to the security of data. Businesses can take themselves out of stress by outsourcing their payroll services.

Payroll bookkeeping:

We make sure that your payroll always adds up and you enjoy working proficiently. That’s why our professionals can help you set up and completely maintain the perfect system that can make sure that the numbers will continue to add up immediately. Our payroll bookkeeping involves all areas that need to be managed efficiently including daily wages, hourly salary, awards, regular salaries, etc. From simple monthly salaries to over time salary and director fees, we take care of everything. Our payroll bookkeeping packages are different for different requirements. We offer weekly, monthly and fortnightly services to businesses. We also offer payroll preparation service in case of employee termination or annual leave. By using latest techniques, we make sure that all your payments are made through electronic system. Our aim is to provide accurate calculations of PAYG and superannuation before lodgment. To provide accurate information regarding all the payments is our goal. All our payroll services are reliable and accurate to make sure your employees are paid on time.

We offer:

  • Payroll preparation: payroll is a complicated process and it require experience and attention. with our assistance you will be able to efficiently manage your payroll processing. Payroll needs to be classified into different sections to make processing easier such as basic salary, overtime salary, bonus, etc. Let our experienced staff help you in preparing payroll on time.
  • Payroll budgeting: our team will work closely with businesses to help in planning budget for payroll. Our professionals will provide you advice to cut down the cost wherever possible to prepare an accurate and balanced budget.
  • Payroll tax return preparation: employers are required to make their tax payments on time. We help employers to calculate and submit their taxes. It is very important for businesses to comply with the tax laws. With our assistance you can easily file for tax return. You need to provide complete documents for tax return preparation.
  • Payroll and compliance: if payroll is not in compliance with the laws then your company is in great trouble. Our competitive staff use latest technology to manage payroll compliance services.
  • Comprehensive payroll report:  we use latest accounting software to prepare accurate report. PAYG withholding is also part of the report. Our payroll report includes union report, compensation report and much more.
  • Pay slips: we use latest cloud-based accounting software to generate pay slips accurately. Pay slip include all the important segments such as attendance, leave, overtime, allowances, etc. Payroll slip can send for reviewing. Pay slip is designed to provide important information to employees so that they come to know about deductions, leaves, etc.


Effective and accurate payroll management is very important in maintaining compliance and regulatory requirements moreover it also play a very effective role in maintaining healthy relationship of employee with the employer. The main reason for error in payroll processing is incapability of staff in handling payroll processing. Companies do not feel it important to hire professionals for the processing and try to manage payroll bookkeeping themselves and spend a lot of time in managing payroll.

Interested in our payroll services? Outsource it to us for the peace of mind. Schedule your consultation today and let us handle all kinds of payroll concerns & queries.

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