Nonresident tax return Service

Every person who is the citizen of Australia or living in Australia for business or job is eligible for non-resident tax return. We are here to guide you in this regard to make sure that all your taxes completely comply with Australian tax laws and regulations. Your residential status in Australia matters. Australian Taxation Office has set a different set of standards to determine your eligibility for tax purposes. According to ATO laws wherever you reside in Australia you come under the ATO’s standard for taxation. You have to pay tax and you are also entitled to tax deduction wherever possible.

 Income Tax Return

For each financial year ending June 30th. It is the duty of every non-resident investors living in Australia to accurately calculate their income and tax deductions. We will ask different questions about your income, which will help us to enhance your tax deductions that you are entitled to and assist in preparing for annual Australian Income Tax return for your reviewal. We will also represent you during the tax return lodgment with the ATO. If you have experienced before the loss in tax, then you must need to preserve the benefit of tax losses for future needs. A quantity surveyor’s report is essential to maximize the tax deductions. Our experienced team will help you in preparing this report.

Non-Resident Landlord Tax

If you are an owner of the property in Australia and it is rented out, then that rent amount is taxable, you have to pay tax on your property rent. If according to Australian property tax law, your property is declared profitable, then tax must be paid to Australian govt. You also need to declare this rental income in your native land. You are not required to pay this tax amount to your native land. In this way, you do not have to pay your tax twice. It is also required to declare your Australian rental income in your home country tax return. Our team will work with you and make it sure that you may get the benefit in both jurisdictions.

Non-Resident Tax Return Service

Our tax professionals are here to prepare all the non-resident tax return solutions and ensure that they are receiving all kinds of treaty benefits and deductions minimize the burden of their taxes. If you are non-resident of Australia and you have taxable income then you need to register yourself to lodge a tax return. The great advantage for non-resident is this that they only have to pay tax on income source. Some of our services include:

  • Complete analysis of your present tax status of your present home in Australia whether it is registered with your name or company
  • Complete analysis of all your tax matters related to property at Australia or out of Australia
  • We help individuals to change their current status so that they can enjoy relief in tax burden
  • We calculate and estimate the profit and tax on reselling of property

Key features of our services

Here following features present that we have capabilities to solve every kind of tax issue with non-residents.

Fiscal status report: it includes

  • analysis of your current financial situation
  • calculating taxable amount for the current year
  • past year tax data collection and recalculation
  • schedule meeting with the tax advisors

Property report: it contains:

  • provide information about property registration
  • collect information about expenses and income in your local surrounding area
  • property valuation

Other exclusive services

  • online accessibility
  • Free consultation
  • Quick response by experts
  • Income tax return presentation
  • IBI management


In addition, our professionals also offer some great tax planning and financial solutions for the foreigners who are ready to invest in the US or UK markets such as launching a US-based business structure.

Our objective is to reduce your tax burden with careful consideration. We try to assess your tax position as an expat and share responsibilities according to Australian tax laws. There are many organizations in Australia who can help you in tax issues but you will find HHAccountant best in providing services, we have experience to serve taxation needs both for individual and commercial purposes.

Our advisors have wide range of experience in different industries. You can always contact us for the services, whenever you have queries regarding taxes in Australia. You can also contact us if you want to have healthy advice on investment in Australia.

Our experienced advisors are here to help you with the advice best for your business. The sooner you get advice, the better you can save time and money.

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