Committed to equal justice:

At HHAccountant, we are committed to making equal justice a reality by offering convenient solutions to all non-criminal legal matters.

Our Mission:

We are proudly offering legal services assistance to many low-income families so that we can help them provide basic necessities of life.

We are also playing a unique role in some social service delivery solutions. We have the best experts who can offer you, reliable clients, when nobody can help you with legal assistance.

Our clients are:

  • Innocent victims of violence and children looking for protection against sexual abuse.
  • People who are homeless and seeking complete access to an emergency shelter or even permanent residence
  • Families facing some deprivation and in need of various benefits
  • Some low-income families facing homelessness issues.
  • People with disability and in need of necessary income and health benefits
  • immigrants experiencing torture or persecution and looking for protection and security in the country
  • Low-income workers with low earned wages and benefits.

What do we do?

  • Consumer protection
  • Domestic violence protection
  • Healthcare access
  • Home preservation
  • Immigration
  • Income security
  • Simple estate planning
  • Tax disputes

Legal Services you can trust!

Selective. We carefully screen our lawyers and select them to ensure that our members can receive some best advice and suggestions from our legal services.

Labor-friendly. Our panel attorney serving the program are also carefully selected from the lists of labor-friendly lawyers.

Experienced. Our panel attorneys have a maximum of 14 years of experience in legal practice.

Confidential. All the provided services will be personal and only your lawyer will know that you are taking the services.

Why Choose Us

Unique Experience

Assigning a dedicated personal Bookkeeper or Business Accountant to work closely on your file.

Our Mission

Helping Individuals and Businesses grow and protecting their wealth with our different services.

Great Communication

Through our Great Communication we ensure the customer’s desired outcomes are achieved effectively on time.

We are Trustworthy

We guarantee to treat your information confidentially and respect your personal information at every level.