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Our land/property tax solutions simply provide you a full-outsourcing model that carefully removes the administrative burden of your property related tax management issues. Land or property is field which requires special expertise and experience. Whether your property is residential or commercial or you are using it for investment or trading purpose, you need to have an expert advice to pay your taxes. Property tax advisor will give an actionable advice to minimize taxes and maximize profits.

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Our Land Tax Consultation Service

At HH Accountant, we offer a proactive approach which simply makes sure that each and every aspect of the property taxes, from its pre-acquisition through disposition, is easily managed with attention to detail and great expertise it really deserves. We have a team of professionals having vast experience in Accounting, business and tax advisory services. Our team not only provides guidance and professional advice to businesses but to non-profit organizations and individuals as well. We have experience and knowledge of how to control the tax cost and minimize the tax burden of our client, we have great knowledge and years of experience in dealing with real estate taxation matters.

Our advisors will work closely with your accounting team to generate accurate reports, reduce, review and provide advice on protest or renditions. As a property tax advisor, we are committed to manage client’s property tax matters and derive strategies to reduce property tax costs, allowing businesses to save their time and money on property matters. With the help of our advisory service you can:

  • Build your investment portfolio
  • Improve income by reducing expenses
  • Strategies that are helpful in reducing tax burden
  • Seeking for all the tax deductions to which you are legally entitled, it may include any depreciation or expenditure which is linked to improvement and management.
  • Access to the low interest investor
  • Know how to structure your debt safely in order to buy property
  • Develop strategy for funding and structure purchases for property purchases.

Want to make the difference to your property portfolio?

You can make the difference to your property portfolio by taking advice from one of the leading tax consultant firm in Australia. At HHAccountant, we not only provide healthy advice on Land tax but also build paths for our clients to drive their investment vehicles to grow their property and protect their wealth. We assist clients in structuring their valuable assets, protect their assets and investment in favorable tax environment. With our help you can build the accurate investment structure plus you can have control over your net wealth and you will also be able to minimize your liabilities legally. We have a wide range of experience in property tax accounting, our tax advice covers different factors of estate planning including better control of assets and transfer of property from one generation to the next. With our healthy advice you can know how to transfer assets safely to next generation legally without being a target of heavy taxes. Our objective is to help businesses and landowners to develop an accurate Land tax structure to ensure that your business achieve its goals. Having a good portfolio can help in reducing your tax liabilities.

Our land tax consultancy service includes:

We are committed to provide support to businesses in their property matters and transfer of property to the next one as well.

  • Preparation of financial statements for different business entities
  • Filing tax return for businesses, landlords and partnership companies
  • Compliant corporate tax and support
  • Review past property tax returns
  • Help in preparation for audits
  • Reorganize all the property details for accurate compliance
  • Accurate estimate of payable taxes for budgeting
  • Assessments of transactions to identify property tax problems
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Review previous tax statements to ensure that you don’t over paid tax bills

How we work?

We provide cost-effective solution to businesses, non-profit organizations, etc. to give an actionable advice we need

  • Past years personal property or business property tax return details
  • Asset details and listings
  • Current payable or paid tax bill


In order to ensure best tax structure many things need to be taken into account, such as taxes on transferring the property or purchasing/buying the property. We provide actionable advice on appropriate structure on different kinds of property whether commercial or residential. Our advice and strategies help in minimizing tax burden legally. We also have experts to give advice on international property matters. Tax structuring specialists at our disposal have many years of experience in dealing with different tax disciplines, they use their local and international property tax experience to minimize the impact of tax on ongoing international activities.

Multiple residences

If you own multiple residences then you are prone to many property tax issues. We develop various strategies on asset structuring and tax problems that may arise due to multiple residences ownership. Every state has its own tax laws that need to be followed to prevent from heavy fines.

International property

If you own property in different country then you must sure that you are meeting tax liabilities according to their rules and regulations. Our team of advisors can support you in managing your tax liabilities and provide appropriate tax planning and ideal advisory services to meet your needs. Our consultants are ready to help you plan and structure your business internationally.


Our professionals are here to ease your burden and offer reliable solutions a package to deal with the issue carefully. Our tax advisors have years of experience in handling Land tax matters, investments, profits, etc. Our goal is to protect our client’s assets and derive strategies to reduce tax liabilities. We assist clients in making difficult decisions affecting their family and property. Contact us for tax consultancy services in different types of commercial, residential, industrial and real estate matters. We are capable to perform wide variety of tax property consultant services cost-effectively.

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