Franking Account Maintenance

Franking account is a tax credit paid by a company to its members or shareholders as a franking credit along with their dividend payments. This franking credit can be frequently recorded in the account if your entity receives a franked distribution or pays income tax. It is part of an imputation system to prevent double taxing.

The franking account balance rolls over from one income year to another. It can be either in surplus or deficit at any time. The tax credit cannot be reimbursed as cash and only those taxpayers who live in Australia can benefit from it.

Our Franking Account Maintenance Services

Most of the employers do not recognize its importance and take it lightly. But in the end, they have to see the consequences. To save you, our professionals can help you with franking account maintenance issues from lodging your franking account tax returns to any excess or deficit of it, which will make you feel secure about any issues or concerns.

Having vast experience in Taxation, we make sure of eliminating double taxation on your income and claimed back tax credits that are paid by your company from the Australian tax office in your income tax returns.

Before making any investment decision or taxation, Contact us today to discuss your eligibility requirements which must be met before franking credits can be paid.



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