Due Diligence Services

Going for an investment in a business? Want to buy or sell a property? Before making contracts or agreements with other businesses or persons take time and think that you have found the right organization for investment? As a buyer or an investor, it is very important for you to take a precautionary process to minimize the risk of the financial transactions. Due diligence is a process that simply reduces your transaction risk carefully analyzing, monitoring and collecting different facts of other parties in the business transaction.  Now, this allows all the lenders, potential stakeholders, and partners a careful transaction to completely asses their transactional risks.

Buying or investing is crucial for the growth of the business, if you want to expand your business you need to do some investments. But be aware that risks come when you invest or buy, you can save your business by taking professional advice before making an agreement.

Due diligence review is generally conducted when different companies are involved in financial procurement, as each buyer or seller need to establish the fact that each and every financial information provided by the buyer or seller is accurate, this step is taken to not only save the business from overpayment but also to find out whether their goals for risk management and good governance are met so that they are able to make any mature decision.

Our unique approach

HHAccountants have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in financial transaction-related activities. Our experienced team can assist you in identifying any potential financial risk to reduce the chance of unpleasant surprises. They also have experience in setting up the right structure for investment or acquisition.

Due diligence review may not only help businesses to consider the financial and operational history of the acquired company but also help to look at the other areas that may have a significant impact on the long run of the business.

We have extensive experience of due diligence in different industries including real estate, health care, insurance, agriculture and technology.

Types of Due Diligence

Our areas of providing due diligence services are as under

  • Legal: legal due diligence includes Legal structure, Contracts, Agreements, Loans, Property etc.
  • Commercial: Commercial due diligence includes markets and competition
  • Financial: Financial due diligence includes earnings, cash flow, income, loan, assets, etc.
  • Tax

Legal Due Diligence Services

We have a team of due diligence specialists who have many years of working experience with different industries. Considering the importance of legal due diligence in financial transactions we play a dynamic role in making a critical business decision. We investigate the target company and review complete documents in order to achieve all the information necessary to make a comfortable and profitable deal with the target company.

Tax Due Diligence Services

With deep technical knowledge and industry experience, our tax team can provide real-time feedback on any potential tax issues. Our unique tax approach reduces tax risk and improves savings. You can save money legally on property tax, payroll tax and other matters by relying on our services. Our tax due diligence services include

  • Investigating the target company tax structure
  • Collecting information about transaction structure of the target company
  • Complete review of the tax history of the target company
  • Get information about the present tax liabilities

Financial Due Diligence Services

Our aim is to provide peace of mind to both buyer and seller by evaluating and analyzing current and historical financial statements. With our financial due diligence service, you can resolve your financial issues and increase the strength of the business.

Commercial Due Diligence Services

Commercial due diligences service help clients to raise their confidence in financial projections. Before making any decision, we analyze the current market position of the target company and the effect of the target’s market position on the business plan.

Due Diligence Services

HHAccountant’s services include in this area are financial due diligence and also the preparation of credible budget forecasts, business integration recommendations, operating budgets as well as careful business assessments. Our main areas of concern are financial due diligence in addition to this we also offer due diligence services in preparing budgets, forecasting, recommendations, etc. Our team also focuses on what you are purchasing or selling and give you legal advice on different matters involving contracts, warranties, and purchasing.

HHAccountant works with businesses to provide them with a complete range of solutions to save their investments and with a robust suite of due diligence help companies to confidently make business decisions. We are committed to providing a comprehensive solution to tailor your needs, whether you are trying to enter a business market or trying to meet the regulatory obligations we are here to provide you with intelligent solutions.

Business Due Diligence

To save a business from any kind of fraud, business owners must review their relationships with their vendors on which their investment depends. In order to improve company effectiveness, we put together different strategies in the best interest of our customers. Companies need to go for due diligence services to meet the demands of their business. What we provide

  • Investigate the business you are planning to purchase to save you from any loss.
  • Complete financial review
  • After investigation and review, we will prepare a report including identifying potential risk areas and concerns. On the basis of this report, companies will be able to make critical decisions.
  • Best practical advice will be provided to establish the ideal business structure.
  • We will also recommend the hiring of an experienced advisor before purchasing.
  • Help in preparing taxes
  • Identifying areas of risks and recommendations to minimize the risks.


Some important areas analyzed by HHAccountant are:

  • Cash flow and quality of report earnings.
  • Accounting systems
  • Appropriateness of accounting procedures, systems, and processes.
  • Collateral quality to secure an easy transaction
  • Potential for major liabilities and off-book assets.
  • Internal quality control and management
  • Projections about the financial performance of your future.

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