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Highly flexible approach to your global needs!

Experienced some quickly changing legislation as well as multiple regulatory requirements, all the International business solutions needs the company secretarial services that ensure if it is in good corporate order and further ensures full compliance with the use of local expertise and knowledge.

HHAccountant offers you a tailored secretarial service to meet your business needs. Our services are fully customized, offering you a space to spend more time on other projects of business whilst we take care of compliance and regulations matters. Our secretarial team includes, lawyers and many other legal persons who have comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in company secretarial with different businesses. Our legal expertise and understanding assures you that all your business matters is fully compliant with the Australian laws.

Why your company need a secretarial service?

Companies have to look after many things. They have to complete many tasks before due date. With number of responsibilities companies find it difficult to manage compliance and regulatory requirements. Company secretary can take off that burden and give you peace of mind. Company secretary perform administrative tasks and file statutory documents. Having a company secretary is beneficial for the sound foundation of a company.

Our Approach

We have experience in setting up new companies, creating partnerships, prepare documents for transfer of property and many other business matters. Our secretarial team is responsible for maintaining registers and statutory books. For official correspondence we provide our official address so that anyone can find it on public record.

Company directors or business owners are sometimes not very much familiar with the documentation and regulatory matters, we offer help in preparing any kind of legal document, arrange all the minutes of board meetings or meetings with other corporates. We also offer our presence in meetings with you to understand the structure of your business and to make sure that all the process runs without disruption.

We have also experience of helping companies for auditing. We give advice on variety of other matters. Our secretarial team has working experience with different kinds of organizations including local and international companies. We are well-known in Australia for providing a cost-effective solution to different entities in different jurisdictions.

Ensuring of compliance and maintain statutory record

We have best and updated software to maintain all the statutory record. Our updated statutory record shows that we are committed to ensure that your compliance needs meets Australian laws and regulations.

Our corporate secretarial services include:

  • Directorship and officer services
  • Business name and registration
  • Transactional services
  • Preparation of tax return files
  • Keeping up-to-date statutory record
  • Provide help in registration for GST, ABN, etc.
  • Preparing minutes for the board meetings
  • Keep businesses up dated on any change in tax laws
  • Informed businesses about important deadlines
  • Maintaining and organizing registers
  • Prepare data and files for transfer of shares and other matters related to it
  • Preparation and filing of different types of forms
  • Give actionable advice on law and compliance matters
  • International corporate structuring
  • Assist in different reporting
  • Provide guidance to shareholders in different matters

Advantages of company secretarial services

Having a company secretary is very beneficial for establishing a profitable business. By hiring a company secretarial services or outsourcing company secretarial services you can be sure that your company’s matters are in safe hands now. Whether you are a startup or a company doing business for long time you need a company secretary to take matters into hands to set you free from administration and compliance burden. Company secretory job is crucial and sensitive, before hiring or outsourcing you should be assured that you are hiring the right person for this job.

  • We have highly qualified staff to help you in managing administration matters. outsourcing or hiring our company secretary assures you that all your regulatory and administration matters will be solved efficiently and in a timely manner. With our services you don’t need to worry about compliance penalty matters because we will not let this happen, we will not face your company any kind of penalties.
  • By hiring us you can be assure that you have the right person for the job. Our secretarial staff have extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge in company secretarial matters. We are committed to complete all your administration work efficiently and quickly.
  • Since we have well-trained and well-qualified staff, you can trust on our services. Our staff is capable to meet all the regulatory requirements without any hassle.
  • Secure your company reputation and image by hiring qualified company secretarial staff. You can rely on us on all the regulatory and compliance matters. We assure you that your company will remain at good position in the market.
  • By outsourcing company secretarial services, you are saving your money and office space. There is no need to higher costly secretarial services and manage space for secretarial staff.
  • We have latest technologies and are using latest software to manage all the administration documents, in this way we save your money for not buying costly software.
  • Outsourcing company secretarial means that you have plenty of time to manage all other business activities.
  • Company politics often have a very drastic effect on administration affairs. By outsourcing you can have a peace of mind that your administration matters are not under any negative influence.
  • We offer complete company secretarial services to our clients. Our objective is to streamline all compliance and regulatory matters.

 We Offer Company Secretarial Solutions:

Businesses face an ever-growing amount of regulations and have to meet their general obligations in every jurisdiction, while simply maintaining a global value of their company’s compliance situation.

From complete setup to their liquidation, our team of experts take good care of recurring filings and follow complete retrieval of corporate documents from all kinds of official registries, like the certificates of good standing.

HHAccountant not only helps you in managing administration and compliance matters but also assist companies in accelerating their growth. For outsourcing company secretarial service give us a call, schedule meeting with our secretarial staff and make sure that you are at right place for your company’s growth.

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