General Sales Tax Compliance

General Sales Tax Compliance (GST) holds very important position in the current age of taxes. Tax laws changes every season, GST law has now become more complicated and confusing. Also, the GST system has a significant effect on lodgment deadlines and compliance. Our dedicated staff at HHAccountant, always try to keep them up to date with the changes in the tax laws to make sure that our clients always get actionable and healthy advice on accounting and taxation matters timely. A significant part of our services is this that we offer services to businesses, no-profit organizations and individuals in all their compliance matters. Our accurate and timely advice on tax matters and our professional tax reducing strategies makes us different from other accounting companies in Australia. With our expertise and tools, we help companies to have insight into their tax strategies so that they may become able to

  • Navigate and observe the change in the regulatory system and plan accordingly
  • Ensure compliance with indirect taxes
  • Administer cross border trade matters
  • Enhance their knowledge about technical matters and impact of GST
  • Find new techniques and methods to bring improvement in margins
  • Improve data integrity through different software

Our GST Services include

  • GST registration services

We help companies to register their companies for GST. Registration required complete documents. Our team assist businesses to submit complete documents for registration, it includes, bank account information, location of business, constitution of business, etc.

  • GST compliance and Consulting

Our tax advisors have wide range of experience in different industries and they can provide practical advice to different businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, trusts and clients with superannuation fund issues. We not only help residents but also non-residents of Australia in their taxation needs. Our multitalented advisors can give you advice on different taxes such as GST, income tax, capital gains tax etc. Our aim is to provide ideal GST compliance service which include

  • Lodgment of GST returns on monthly basis
  • Preparation of GST lodgment
  • Complete review of your accounting system to make sure that GST is calculated accurately
  • Practical advice on different legal issues


  • GST audit services

We assist our clients in GST audits. By providing help in GST audits we make sure that company is delivering accurate information to ATO. We also communicate with ATO in case of any dispute during the audit with ATO. We work closely with the businesses to verify the tax records, tax return and other related documents. Our qualified team is always ready to help you and give you the advice that suits your taxation needs even in the most complicated tax matters.

  • GST cash flow management

GST is not a new thing for businesses but businesses feel it very boring and complicated specially when it comes to manage cash flow. Our accounting and consulting staff help companies in calculating accurate GST inflows and outflows. It is very important for companies to strictly monitor their cash inflow and out flow. We make sure that payments received must match with the invoices. We have the best consulting team in Australia, their forecasting abilities help you in taking the crucial decisions about your business. We help companies in GST cash flow by giving task to different sections and collecting all information to take necessary steps.

  • GST return services

Tax returns always feel tricky and confusing to businesses and individuals as well. With our services and guide lines businesses and individuals can prepare and submit their GST. Our GST return services include

  • Monthly sales and purchase data collection
  • To find out the GST liability, monthly sales and purchase summary is prepared
  • Meetings and confirmation with the client
  • GST return filing

Our GST consultancy services include

  • Credit management: our credit management experts will help businesses to understand the concept of tax credit. Aids in setting the credit, recovering the credit, etc. We also make sure that company pays its invoices following defined terms and conditions.
  • Vendor management: our specialists know how to help companies in minimizing potential risks related to vendors, researching the best vendor to run your business successfully. With our advice businesses come to know how they can have best relation with vendors in order to get most out of vendors.
  • Inventory management: want to keep a track of your goods across business supply chain? Get an advice from experts. Our services include; sourcing, supply chain management and planning, warehouse administration, replenishment services, inventory accounting and forecasting. Our inventory forecasting abilities let you know the requirement of material and how can you maintain the correct inventory for the successful growth of your business.
  • Supply chain management: with our assistance companies can handle the whole process of flow of goods to country wise. Companies become expert in monitoring from processing material to delivery. We have experts in managing supply chain system so that you can achieve your goal.
  • Compliance management: because of the constant changing in GST laws, businesses need to restructure some areas of their business. We help businesses in restructuring and tax planning.
  • Technology management: our technology management services include; planning, disaster recovery, network and risk management, wide range of documentation etc.


Our seasoned tax professionals already have some proven experience in tax administration processes to help you proactively manage all kinds of resources and costs. We make sure that with our help companies can easily handle their businesses and tax matters. With our practical advice and help, companies can easily understand the complexities of GST.

We simply assist our customers with the filing of international services tax (GST) returns as well as the submission of International GST reclaims. We have a group of efficient specialists who can simply add tremendous value and deliver some great substantial return on investment. We also provide a wealth of amazing practices that can enhance the strategic value of your tax department.

We also help our clients in the most reliable manner and also ensure that their GST compliance can be handled carefully.

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